Computer Conspiracy Leaked:
Why You Shouldn’t Spend $$$ On A New One

by David Marsen / May 13, 2021

A Shocking Quote From A Top Tech CEO Reveals Why It’s A Bad Idea To Buy A New Machine

If you think your PC is on its last legs, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are spending thousands on new computers, when all they really need to do to make their old one run like new again is learn one very simple, easy trick...

They sure don’t make things like they used to, do they? A shocking quote from the CEO of a popular computer manufacturer was recently leaked to the media, saying that “What people don’t know is that their PC could last for years, all it needs is a quick upgrade!”

Why is this such a big secret? Because if everyone knew about it then a lot of huge software companies would be out of business!

The CEO went on to say that “As long as no one figures out a way to help Americans update their computers from home then they will need to keep buying a new system every couple years – its all about the bottom line!”

Unfortunately for him, someone has done just that! A brand new, Gold Certified diagnostic and repair software has just been released in response to the CEO’s statements that will have your computer running like the day you bought it in just a few simple clicks.

1. Download & Install

Download and Install Turbo Your PC using the quick and easy setup wizard.

2. Scan & Review

Turbo Your PC uses a high performance scan to quickly and efficiently identify invalid files.

3. Optimize & Enhance

Customize your settings and let Turbo Your PC do all the hard work for you.

The team of coders behind this software have warned that time is limited, and in order to keep their identities hidden, they are only able to offer a free download and scan until May 18, 2021, which you can get by clicking here.

We had a chance to speak briefly with the leader of the team, who told us that they want to fight for the American consumer. “We made this product with one simple goal: stop the tech and software giants from ripping people off! Our product is designed with the end user in mind and will speed up their machine so that they can focus on the important things, like keeping in touch with family and friends and accessing important information.”

With over 84% of people in America owning a personal computer, this coding team knows that they are taking a big risk by standing up to big companies that are all about profit. We wanted to see if their product, TurboYourPC, would live up to their promises to fix one of our older computers that was purchased in 2009 (6 years old), so we tried it for ourselves.

It found 191 registry errors in a matter of seconds and repaired them all in under 5 minutes! We also noticed that the web browser loaded about 30 seconds faster and overall the “old” machine was now as fast as another brand new one from the same manufacturer.

Note: If you’re like us and you only use your computer for things like checking email, word processing, watching videos, and social networking, you’ll be able to take advantage of this quick-fix software since these programs don’t require a lot of extra memory.

So, what is our verdict? Can this product really make your old PC perform like a brand new one? Can it replace an expensive computer repair technician and save you thousands of dollars and unwanted hassle? Did this team of coders do the right thing by standing up to the CEO and releasing their software to the general public for a very limited time?

The answer to all of these questions is YES!

Here's Exactly What To Do:

Download and install the TurboYourPC diagnostic tool for free by clicking on this link. Remember, this link will only be active until May 18, 2021. This will get you the basic version, with an option to upgrade to the premium version for $29.97, which is what we did to fix our 6-year-old computer.

Make sure that you keep TurboYourPC installed on your computer and let it scan – its pretty amazing to watch the repair tool do in minutes for about $29.97 what a computer repair person would charge $150 an hour to do! We saw over 190 registry errors that were bogging down our computer, and we think you too will be surprised to see what viruses and errors are living in your computer at home!

We think its very important to support people like the makers of TurboYourPC who want to fight for consumer rights and save people money, and we hope that you do too. You’ve got until May 18, 2021 to help them and help yourself by downloading the free analysis.

Click here to get TurboYourPC while the diagnostic tool is still free.

Good luck, let us know if you use the product, we’d love to hear your feedback!


Recent Comments

Marnie, California

"I was very upset when I read the quote from the CEO about scamming consumers - shame on him! So happy that you told us about TurboYourPC, saved us thousands of dollars in a tough financial situation. We're very grateful to be able to keep our older PC going :) "

Peggy, Iowa

"Hello! This is my first time writing in to a website. I am VERY pleased with my TurboYourPC purchase, it did exactly what you said it would and my computer is faster than ever. It found over 300 errors, didn't even know that was possible! All the best."

Chuck, Texas

"A fast and easy to use product that I highly recommend to anyone!"

Frank, Kansas

"I was honestly just about to sink another $400 in to getting the computer technician over to my home to try to fix my aging PC, but decided to try TurboYourPC instead. It was the miracle I was waiting for - not to sound dramatic but it absolutely lives up to the hype!!!"

Alice, North Carolina

"Cheers to the coders behind this product, they did a wonderful job making it so easy to use. I wish I had known about this sooner!"

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