You Don't Need a New Computer:
'Cause Your Old One is Fine

by Roger Milfried /

Is your computer running slow? Don't buy a new PC or call a computer repair company. This "3-click fix" is saving people thousands of dollars in computer costs.

Your computer is designed to fail. Some people are upset when they learn this. But the reality is that PC makers and software companies need a reason to keep people buying upgrades every year. They're in the business of making money.

But now that the secret is revealed, an elite team of Microsoft Gold Certified developers have created a better solution for the average user. It's a new software that operates using a high performance algorithm to scan your windows PC or laptop. It then identifies and clears out unnecessary files that cause slow performance, all at a touch of a button. Literally anyone can use it and only takes 5 minutes to work.

Many people feel ripped off by not knowing this 1 simple trick...

Many users are saying that their computer is running faster than the day it was new immediately after using the tool. As one person said "it's like rocket-fuel for your computer".

The people behind this want to get it into as many people's hands as possible, and as part of their launch they're giving away a free scan until , you can grab a free copy by clicking here if it's still available.

Senior developer Josh Reynolds says "Our launch strategy is pretty simple. Give the basic product away to as many users as possible. Once they use it, and see the results - the product will sell itself. They'll tell their friends, they'll continue to use it and we'll see a viral growth effect".

He continues "it really is a no-brainer - people love the tool. It's easy to use, it works immediately and it's saving people hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair or upgrade costs. Once people see it for themselves, the product will promote itself - that's the beauty of creating a product that solves a problem that millions of people experience every day."

So far the strategy is working well. Thousands of people have downloaded the software - and it's receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.

One user told us: "My computer would take what seemed like an eternity just to start my web browser. Immediately after I scanned my machine and repaired the errors, it loads up in seconds. I didn't realize how much time it was costing me - but now my "old" machine is running faster than ever, and the difference is like night and day".

So is computer industry really conspiring to force people to upgrade by building systems that are designed to fail over time? We can't confirm or deny that - but we can confirm that before you shell out a fortune on new equipment or specialists - you should definitely download TurboYourPC and give it a try.

Here's what you need to know:

More and more people are using TurboYourPC instead of spending $150/hour for PC repair or $1,000 for a new machine. Right now you can download the diagnostic tool for free by clicking here. If you like what you see, you'll have the option to upgrade to the premium version - which at $29.95 is a bargain compared to the alternatives.

You should keep the software installed and run a scan about every 30-days to maintain peak performance. Many users don't realize how much faster their machine could be until after they run the repair tool.

Our recommendation - Even if you don't think your computer is running slow, grab TurboYourPC while they're still offering the free analysis tool, run the scanner and see for yourself - it'll show you any errors that are slowing your system down, and once they're fixed you may be amazed at just how fast your computer really can be.

Click here to download TurboYourPC while they're still offering the free analysis - the promotion ends on so grab it while you still can.